App for Cats Protection (Work in Progress)

NEWSPosted 03/06/2013

In January I started work on a large app project for Cats Protection, a large UK charity.

Discussions and working out the project specification for the app started in February 2012 and in January 2013 we started development on the app. Recently the designer I've been working with at Cats Protection, Rus Hudda, posted a sneak peak of some parts of the app on his Eat, Sleep, Sniff site giving a few screenshots and a little background on what to expect from the app.

Modeled around a lighthearted view of how a cat re-homing center works, the app combines elements of resource management and expansion of a homing center with a match-3 mechanic for getting cats ready to be re-homed. It's coming along well and release is aimed for later in the summer on both iOS and Android.

More information is available on Rus' blog here: Cats Protection App

Keywords: apps  development  ios  android  game 
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