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NEWSPosted 10/01/2011

I've made available, for free download, all the music I produced under the moniker Pamplemousse from 2001-2005.

Back at the start of the 2000's I was producing a lot of ambient and electronica music under the name Pamplemousse. With a publisher, some music used on adverts and some tracks included on some compilations, my music found a niche. Then the publisher went bump and that left me in a bit of a hole for a while. As I'm starting to think about writing some music for my new Arthur and Charles project I've dug out all my old music again and have now uploaded it to this site for you to download and enjoy.

There's a lot of it - over seven hours in fact. So take a jump over to the Music page, take a listen and download anything you like the sound of. If you want to send me some comments on it, even better.

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