Prototype Game Created for Bird Box Studio

PORTFOLIOPosted 11/10/2012

I recently created a game prototype for animation outfit Bird Box Studio based in London.

In early August I started talking to Bird Box Studio about a game idea they had that they wanted to prove the concept for through a mobile app prototype. Taking their original idea, and suggesting some of my own, the plan was to produce a prototype, using their supplied imagery to nail down the mechanics they wanted to use and create something playable.

In total five days work were spent on the prototype, including two iterations of it to further test some further mechanic ideas, and I made it available for both iOS and Android to enable testing and playing with on mobiles and tablets at the studio itself.

Rather than providing something static for the prototype, I integrated a settings system so they could tweak many different aspects of the game play, allowing them to get more from the prototype phase than an app with fixed rules would allow. This quickly enabled them to try out their own ideas based around the core mechanics.

From here the app may well go into production next year but for now I can't share any images or details of the game itself for obvious reasons.

Keywords: apps  development  android  ios  prototype 
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