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Painted Piano for Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield

NEWSPosted 18/06/2013

I was recently asked to paint an upright piano as part of Macclesfield's Barnaby Festival 'People's Pianos' project by Marburae Gallery. It's now on-show in Macclesfield town center.

App for Cats Protection (Work in Progress)

NEWSPosted 03/06/2013

In January I started work on a large app project for Cats Protection, a large UK charity.

CBeebies Show Magic Hands Starts Today Featuring My Poetry

NEWSPosted 22/04/2013

Today sees a new CBeebies TV series start which features several of my poems.

Bring on 2013

NEWSPosted 21/12/2012

I'm eager to get going on 2013 and thought I'd let you all know what's currently on the agenda.

Prototype Game Created for Bird Box Studio

PORTFOLIOPosted 11/10/2012

I recently created a game prototype for animation outfit Bird Box Studio based in London.

The Unseen Art of Coding

OPINIONPosted 08/08/2012

I'm a creative - I draw, paint, write music and write - that's my more obvious artistic output. But most of my art over the last 20 years has been something you wouldn't see directly. You'd definitely see the results of it, you'd absolutely see the effect of the art behind it, but you wouldn't see or have to appreciate the creativity and artwork that went into the production because it's essentially hidden. That's coding in a nutshell.

New Responsive Website Design

NEWSPosted 17/07/2012

Today I've launched a new design for my site and taken the opportunity to do something I've wanted to for a while - it's gone 'responsive'. But what on earth does that mean?

The Benefits of Prototyping

OPINIONPosted 13/07/2012

I've recently been asked by a couple of potential clients about doing some test development for them on apps, prototyping as a first stage to a more involved project. So what is prototyping and what are the benefits?

New Website Focus On My Services

NEWSPosted 10/07/2012

I thought it was about time that this site was refreshed. I wanted to show you where my work is leading me in 2012: which is mainly centered around app development.

New Arthur & Charles Website Launched

NEWSPosted 09/11/2011

The new Arthur & Charles website is finally ready! It's taken a while to put together but the bright, bold and colourful new home for the characters is now live.