CBeebies Show Magic Hands Starts Today Featuring My Poetry

NEWSPosted 22/04/2013

Today sees a new CBeebies TV series start which features several of my poems.

Late last year I was approached by a production company to see if I was interested in licensing some of my poetry for childen for a new TV series on CBeebies in the UK called Magic Hands. The basic premise of the series was to bring poetry to life with animation and sign language, something which I found really interesting.

So I said yes and today the series premieres on CBeebies at 9.15am. It's a series of 30 5-minute slots with each episode dealing with an individual poem. I have five poems in total in the series and Tuesday 23rd April this week sees the first of my poems given the Magic Hands treatment. Having already seen a clip of my poem Chocolate Cake on the programme, I'm really looking forward to seeing my other poems told with such enthusiasm.

To find out more about Magic Hands, please visit the CBeebies website.

To coincide with the start of this programme I've also re-developed the Fizzy Funny Fuzzy website, where I post my poetry. In addition to posting a new poem as well, there are now also Twitter and Facebook accounts for Fizzy Funny Fuzzy.

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