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Art has always been one of my passions. As  somebody that always likes a challenge, I tend to try many different mediums. Here you'll find a selection of my artwork from the past few years. There's more available on my deviantArt page.

I have featured in a number of exhibitions in the United Kingdom, and the custom Sketchbot art toy I produced was exhibited in a gallery in New York.

Festival Piano


Planning Complete (Arthur & Charles)

Digital/Corel Painter/2011

Submarine (Arthur & Charles)

Digital/Corel Painter/2011

Easter Island (Arthur & Charles)

Digital/Corel Painter/2011

Tree House (Arthur & Charles)

Digital/Corel Painter/2011

Demon Fuzzy



Digital/Adobe Illustrator/2010

Kraken Fshizz


Sqook Urban Hamster


Seed Selection


Above and Below

Paper/Ink and Posca/2010

Totemic Eyes

Paper/Ink and Posca/2010

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My gallery is split into several sections according to the type of work. Please select one of the sections below to see the wide variety of my output.