Welcome to Moopf

Welcome to my website. I'm Gareth Lancaster and Moopf is the name I use for all my creative endeavours and output.

I'm a software developer and creative from the United Kingdom. On my site you'll find lots of information on all the projects I've been involved with, the work I do now and the services I offer. Head on over to the Hire Me page for more details on that.

Fancy some freebies? Check out the Downloads page where you'll find paper toys, iPhone and iPad wallpapers. To listen to my music, go to the Music page for free downloads any of the albums and remixes there. Enjoy!

App Development

I love creative programming and developing apps is great for that. In addition to my own app projects, I undertake prototype work for clients to prove app ideas and am currently in production of a large app game project for the UK charity Cat Protection.

Last year the games app I launched, Arthur & Charles Present Create & Play, garnered a great deal of praise and has been downloaded over 40,000 times. The first app I developed (way back in 2008) was Hiqup, a complex game of solitaire that was picked as a featured app by Apple in the app store.

For more details on how I can help you create and publish an app, please see the App Development section of my website and the information in the Hire Me section.

Internet Software

I have been a software developer for over 20 years. In the last decade I have specialised in bespoke Internet software solutions for clients, especially centered around e-commerce applications.

In addition to bespoke systems I have been designing and developing 'off-the-shelf' e-commerce solutions under the JShop brand since 1997, starting originally with a PC-based e-commerce store production system and, since 2003, on a PHP server-based e-commerce solution.

My bespoke work has included event ticketing systems for large entertainment companies and internal ordering systems for clients and their customers. I often undertake work on a third-party basis, working in conjunction with solution providers to bring their clients' requirements to fruition.


I have exhibited my work in the UK and New York. I create artwork digitally, and as well as using traditional paint and canvas, I've produced vinyl art toys, customised trainers, suitcases, cardboard and wood. I love making BIG work as much as the finely detailed smaller pieces. To find out more about my work please take a look at the Artwork page.

If you are interested in commissioning an original piece, wall painting, or you are looking for some artwork for your business as branding or logo design, please take a look at the Hire Me page.

Hire Me

That's right, I am available for hire - for app production, commissioned artwork or commissioned music.

For app development I can help right from the very inception of a project. With over 20 years experience of software development, I can help you throughout the whole process: from the initial idea, to the brief and specification stage, and right the way through to production and publication.

To find out more about commissioning original artwork, music, or designs for your business, have a look at the Hire Me page or email me for a chat.

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Recent Blog & News

Painted Piano for Barnaby Festival, Macclesfield

NEWSPosted 18/06/2013

I was recently asked to paint an upright piano as part of Macclesfield's Barnaby Festival 'People's Pianos' project by Marburae Gallery. It's now on-show in Macclesfield town center.

App for Cats Protection (Work in Progress)

NEWSPosted 03/06/2013

In January I started work on a large app project for Cats Protection, a large UK charity.

CBeebies Show Magic Hands Starts Today Featuring My Poetry

NEWSPosted 22/04/2013

Today sees a new CBeebies TV series start which features several of my poems.

Bring on 2013

NEWSPosted 21/12/2012

I'm eager to get going on 2013 and thought I'd let you all know what's currently on the agenda.